Manage Your Clients and Populations Like Never Before

TrainerMD is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that works with our proprietary on-site and online program, tools, and operations to improve performance and quality of life while growing and strengthening your business.

  • Increase Referrals and Boost Revenue through Operational Lifestyle Intelligence
  • All Healthcare and Non-Healthcare Professionals Communicate in Real-Time with HIPAA Compliance
  • Manage and Monitor Client Lifestyles Individually, by Team, and Organization-Wide with Gamification
  • Create and Improve Existing Programs with Analytics and Insights
  • Detect and Manage Lifestyle Risks Early Before They Become Chronic, Expensive, or Life Threatening
  • Tele-Fitness, Tele-Nutrition, Tele-Health, and Tele-Wellness All in One Platform

The Key to What We Offer:

Transforming Data into Intelligence

  • Collect client lifestyle data from multiple sources
  • Manage and share client data with compliance
  • Analyze over 3 million+ points of evidence-based real-time fitness, health, nutrition, and wellness data points
  • Advise individuals and organizations to better make management decisions

A Proven System with the Right Solutions

TrainerMD collects, manages, analyzes, and advises in real time with 100% expert prescribed and non-invasive intelligence. With over 5,000 lives impacted and provider prescription, TrainerMD delivers the client-focused, expert-led solution of tommorrow.

  • Non-invasive risk appraisals (3m+ data points collected)
  • Real-time data, communication, and performance insights
  • Personalized tools, education and support
  • Wearable, health, and fitness device connectivity
  • Machine Learning and AI integration
  • HIPAA compliant with added privacy and security

One Platform.

One Place.

Better Performance and Potential.

Lifestyle Management Platform and Process

Our proprietary process and framework for approaching intelligent lifestyle management saves on costs while adding value.

Intelligent Lifestyle Management System (iLMS)

From wearables, to 3-D body scanning, muscle testing, expert appraisals and more, TrainerMD has developed the first system to track it all in one place.

Consumer Lifestyle Score

Much like a credit score, TrainerMD draws from industry recognized and gold standard measurements to provide a simple to understand and use lifestyle management score.

360 Lifestyle Management Program

The TrainerMD 360 Lifestyle Management Program is non-invasive, comprehensive, and has helped thousands to date play, learn, and live better.

Integrated Data Points

Vital Measurements

3-D Body Scanning

Health and Fitness Screening

Meal Planning

Body Composition Analysis

Strength Testing

Goal Tracking

Personalized Care and Support


Balance Assessments

Functionality Testing

Wellness Evaluations

“The team effort made a big difference. I could not believe the results I got so quickly.”

I am a 57-year-old RN and supervisor at a busy senior living facility. My energy level and strength had been in decline and I really wanted to lose weight. I signed up for a TrainerMD® program and followed it to the letter. On the days I did the program on my own, I felt very confident because everything was written down and I had great instructions from my trainer. I felt like I had a whole team behind me because so many staff members would follow up with me regularly. The team effort made a big difference. I could not believe the results I got so quickly. In just 16 weeks I lost approximately 8% of my overall body fat, lost 2 inches off my waist, lost 5 inches off my hips, I put an inch of muscle on both arms and toned my legs. I increased my upper and lower body strength and saw major improvements in my balance and posture. Most importantly, I learned what worked for me each step of the way.

“At 75, I am thrilled to feel new energy and strength…nothing short of life changing...”

As a former nurse, I spent my life taking care of others. Now, as I recover from major back surgery, I have to get used to being the patient. When I joined TrainerMD®, I couldn’t walk without a cane or walker. My goal was to be able to walk unassisted for a few hours each day so that I could enjoy some personal freedom and travel again. My daughter was a trainer and she came with me for my first few sessions. After awhile, she was very comfortable that I was in good hands. I slowly began to dramatically improve my lower body strength and structural balance. After just 20 weeks, I was able to walk without a cane or walker for four or more hours a day. My balance had improved by 60% and my lower body is strong enough to totally support my body weight. I had also gained significant upper body strength at the same time. At 75, I am thrilled to feel the new increase in energy and strength that I have gained from this experience. The last 20 weeks has been nothing short of life changing.

“After only 12 weeks… I made incredible progress.”

I am a master jeweler by trade and am 56 years young. I had been having consistent lower back pain and I was nervous because I did not want to make it worse. I was also tired of feeling tired all of the time. After only 12 weeks working my TrainerMD® trainer, I made incredible progress. I lost 4% overall body fat and also lost inches off my hips and waist. I have noticed a major increase in my energy and stamina. According to my monthly reports, my overall strength increased by 300%. I had hoped for results like this but honestly did not think that this would happen so quickly. What’s different about the TrainerMD® program is that I not only got results, but I learned how to fix my diet and train effectively so I won’t have to rely on a trainer and be in a program forever!

“… less back pain, greater mobility, increased core strength–and lower blood sugar numbers.”

At age 59, getting in shape has become a medical necessity. My motivation was low but my need was high. The best thing I did was sign up for TrainerMD®. My trainer worked with me slowly at first, increasing the tempo, the number of and variety of exercises over time. He explained what each exercise was designed to do, and stressed proper form and posture. The progress I have made is amazing! In one four-week period alone I lost 6 lbs. of body fat and gained 1 lb. of lean muscle mass. My average blood sugar numbers have noticeably decreased. I have less back pain, greater mobility, and increased core strength (and a much better golf swing). For me, enlisting the help of TrainerMD® has been the best move I have made in years to improve my health.

Clients We Have Served

TrainerMD has worked extensively with many organizations struggling with lifestyle and performance management to come together and find solutions that work.
Corporations and Enterprises

TrainerMD can help corporations serious about lowering health premiums, lowering employee health risk and improving the happiness and productivity of their population.

Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems transforming toward outcomes-based healthcare and looking to add new value to the patient healthcare experience can leverage TrainerMD.

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness centers looking to grow revenue, enhance member experience and develop their own innovative outcomes-based programs to differentiate themselves have used TrainerMD.

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