Creating TrainerMD

Seven years of research, more than 5,000 hours of one-on-one interviews, and countless Lifestyle Expert hours went into the design and development of the TrainerMD® platform.


The TrainerMD Team

During the research and development phase, we assembled a core team of innovative and experienced lifestyle professionals. This included educators, entrepreneurs, marketers, technology, and provider experts. The TrainerMD goal has been to create a complete “best practices” program that integrates online technology with onsite sales, training, education, and support for better outcomes.

On the Ground Research

TrainerMD® is designed to help fitness, wellness, health, and other facilities achieve higher levels of engagement, motivation, and improved outcomes for their members. In order to really understand what works, and doesn’t work for today’s client, our team interviewed thousands of members in several fitness centers.

Here is a sampling of what we learned during our research:

  • Most have little or no strength training knowledge
  • Many are confused about nutrition
  • Several want to learn how to work out safely
  • Numerous members don’t want to spend more than 30 minutes strength training
  • A large portion are very serious about achieving their goals
  • A myriad want trainers to listen carefully to their needs
  • Various want to better understand their workouts
  • Members want training sessions to be more convenient
  • All wished that training, nutrition, education, and support were included in their memberships
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