TrainerMD Leadership

TrainerMD® is lead by over 100 years of healthcare, technology, administration, law, compliance, and other expert disciplines coming together to disrupt lifestyle and health management while better empowering consumers.

Joe Howley
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Howley has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. He founded and successfully excited several startups. He has been involved in software development, management, marketing, fitness, nutrition, luxury spas and sales training. At 22 he joined the police force and worked his way up to the rank of detective. He was recognized for his investigative skills and work on complex criminal cases. He served as vice president and lobbyist for his police union before a serious hockey injury ended his 12-year law enforcement career. Mr. Howley led our specialized team through a successful six-year project that resulted in our patent pending software technology and award winning business model. Mr. Howley is the architect of our platform and provisional patent holder for our communications and schedule management application. Leading specialized teams through long complex projects is a common theme in Mr. Howley’s career. Mr. Howley’s ability to build relationships, raise capital, motivate and lead successful projects is a company asset. Joe is a life-long amateur hockey player and fitness enthusiast. Joe is also a certified personal trainer and a certified sports nutrition specialist.

Mike Benes
Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Mike leads the creative strategy, marketing and branding efforts for Trainer MD®. He brings over 25 years of experience running successful creative organizations. He has vast experience in the healthcare and technology industries. Mike has worked with the most recognizable brands in business, including Apple, Next, Polaroid, Bose and Spaulding Rehabilitation. His ability to assess and understand the needs of clients and their projects to create memorable customer experiences has made Mike a sought after commodity around the globe in the marketing world. Mike’s talent and experience is an asset for TrainerMD®, our partners and our clients.

Jonathan Creekmore
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Jon is a recognized leader in technology and security with over 15 years of experience from national security, defense, special operations, health and fitness, as well as senior level executive consulting.

Dr. Scott Lutch, MD, CPT
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lutch is a primary care physician and the Chief of Cardiology at Milton Hospital. He has been a lifelong amateur athlete and wellness advocate. He has extensive experience working with medical programs, health promotion and athletes. Dr. Lutch holds an NSCA, CSCS personal training certification and has been a triathlon competitor for years. Dr. Lutch is uniquely qualified in fitness, athletics and medicine. Doctor Lutch is the embodiment of TrainerMD®. His knowledge, experience and passion for fitness, athletics and health promotion will continue to be an asset to TrainerMD®.

Jerry Kissiday
Chief Behavioral Officer

Jerry is US Army veteran with years of clinical and medical fitness experience. Mr. Kissiday has been dedicated to the creation and implementation of quality comprehensive medical fitness and wellness programs. Jerry also brings a background in helping corporations create their corporate wellness, medical fitness, and post injury care divisions and programming. He has years of experience working with C Level executives in large national manufacturing and distribution companies as well as hospitals, fitness centers, medical groups and large insurance companies.

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