Operational Lifestyle Intelligence

The Next Generation of Consumer, Provider, and Organization Lifestyle Intelligence, Management, and Support in the Cloud


What is Operational Lifestyle Intelligence?
Why do organizations need it now?

A category of methods and technology for gaining new visibility and discovering insights for health management and lifestyle support.

Data by itself is not intelligence. Operational lifestyle intelligence requires that data must be transformed into actionable intelligence through expert knowledge and proven practices.

Consumer lifestyle data is abundant, complex, and hard to manage. Only through developed best practices, tools, people, and operations can consumer lifestyle intelligence lead to personalized outcomes with proven measurable results.

Transforming Data into Intelligence

  • Collect consumer lifestyle data from multiple sources
  • Manage and share consumer data with compliance
  • Analyze over 3 million+ points of evidence-based real-time consumer data
  • Advise individuals and organizations to better make management decisions
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