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The Best Solutions Packed into One Patented System

Our Special Advisory Team of Doctors, Trainers, Athletes, Nutritionists and more have personally selected all the right tools to better increase performance and improve prevention, anywhere at anytime.


Balanced nutrition is essential for recovery, performance and health. Choose from thousands of verified nutrient balanced meal plans and snacks or build your own personalized plans using an evidence-based (AI) artificial intelligence driven micro-nutrition coach with voice commands.


Personalizing fitness reduces over training and injury risk. Choose pre-programmed workouts with videos or customize your own workouts. Bluetooth earbuds sync with an (AI) artificial intelligence Audio Coach™ for real-time voice-enabled heart rate, training effect and VO2 monitoring.


Gain instights from AI driven behavioral health and wellness support. Track stress, sleep, wellness and more while reducing guess work. Improve your outcomes through easy to understand predictive scoring and tele-coaching.

Collaborate Compliantly in Real-time with Your Own Expert Team

TrainerMD® is uniquely designed to allow any members to connect and collaborate with their own personalzied team of experts for instant feedback and multi-disciplinary apporaches.

  • The First Patented Platform Integrating Digital Health and Fitness Allowing Experts to Remotely Control, Manage, and Engage Client Devices, Apps, and Equipment for Better Outcomes
  • 100% Expert Verified Evidence-based Integrated Devices, Apps, and More
  • HIPAA Compliant with Patented Mobile Security Allowing Teams to Collaborate from Anywhere
  • Connects with Other Platforms Such as Health Records, Payment Processing, Social Media, and More
  • No Access to Providers? No Problem! AI Integrated Diet, Exercise and Lifestyle Solutions Keep Members Improving On-the-Go on Their Own

Improve Your Programs with the Most Comprehensive Digital Health and Fitness System

Whether you manage workplace wellness, athlete training, chronic care, or other challenges, TrainerMD® has been trusted by experts for years to improve their evidence-based programs.

  • 100% Cloud-Based for Complete Mobility, Accessibility, and Maximum Support
  • Designed for Individual, Team, and Collective Level Management
  • Personalized and Predictive Reports for Measuring Success and Improvement
  • Integrates with Healthcare, Fitness, and Facility Systems for Ease-of-Use and Extensibility

All of the Professional Tools Needed to Optimize Performance and Prevention

From managing your own fitness, health, nutrition, and wellness, to managing thousands, we have you covered. Collect, manage, analyze and get AI driven insights in one place.

  • Schedule Management for Users, Teams, and Organizations
  • Expert Connected Remote Fitness and Diet Management for Physician and Trainer Directed Outcomes
  • Real-time Compliant Messaging for Each Member with Their Personal Health and Fitness Experts
  • Experts and Providers Can Remotely Manage and Control User Devices, Data, and Equipment

No Program? No Problem! Every organization gets access to our Preformance Program™

Expert developed for over 8 years, with thousands of clients, and hundreds of professionals, the Preformance Wellness™ program is the world's most comprehensive and advanced solution for getting the best out of integrated digital health and fitness.

  • See How Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness Impact Each Other While Learning Best Practices for Management
  • Drives Up Engagement Through On-site and Online Educational Activities with Challenges
  • Each Member Will Recieve a Wearable, Meal Planning App, and More as Well as Guidance on How to Best Integrate Them for Success
  • Onsite Non-invasive Body Composition Using Next-Gen Muscle and 3-D Body Scanning is Included for Every Member

Improving Outcomes is now a Simple Preformance Score™

Our patented system takes all integrated solutions like apps, wearables, body scanners, and more then transforms them into an expert developed evidence-based easy to understand score.

  • Discover and Engage Health, Fitness, Nutrition, and Wellness in a Fun and Easy Way
  • 100% Trusted and Expert Developed Industry Standard Algorithms for Fairness and Credibility
  • See How Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Compare While Maintaining Privacy and Security
  • Quickly Detect Issues and Collaborate for Early Intervention

Included Features

There are too many devices, apps, and more on the market to easily choose the right one. That's why our expert advisers have professionally selected each solution we integrate into our offering!

Health Risk Screenings

Fitness Assessments

3-D Body Scans

Muscle Quality Testing

Balance and Strength Testing

Injury Tracking and Management

Personalized Monthly Reports

Real-time Communication

Remote Workout Management and Control

Organization Reports

Meal Planning and Support

Goal Tracking

Challenges and Leaderboards

Wellness and Behavioral Assessments

HIPAA Compliant

Gamification and Rewards

How It Works

How it Works

We've made it an easy to plug-and-play experience for individuals and organizations to start improving it all in one place.
How It Works

Why Athletes Choose TrainerMD®

Reaching peak performance and optimum health on the go can be hard. Hear how our solution has helped empower atheltes and professionals.

Some of Our Expert Advisers

Helping Bring the Best to Our Clients
Dr. Scott Lutch, MD CSCSChief Cardiologist, Milton Hospital

Dr. Lutch is the "TrainerMD", having been a leading cardiologist and strength trainer for decades, he knows what the client needs to live better, stronger, safer.

Erik Kaloyanides Owner, Athletic Evolution

Erik is a world recognized professional and olympic athlete trainer. With over 20 years of training some of the best, Erik knows the need for clients to have better tracking, management and collaboration both in-season and off.

Dr. Stefanie Rouselle, PT, DPT, BS, CSCS, RYT Owner, Boston Health and Fitness

Dr. Rousselle is both a Physical Therapy provider for athletes and a professional trainer. She knows that solving issues with injuries requires a multi-discplinary approach and platform.

Dr. Stephen Scmitz, MD, MPH Supplement Safety Solutions

Dr. Schmitz has been a leading researcher and provider in nutrition and supplementation for over 10 years. He knows the importance for his clients when it comes to understanding micronutrition and effective diet management for performance and prevention.

David is one of the most known leaders in both corporate wellness and fitness. Having led the modernization of fitness and wellness together, he knows the need for population level and evidence-based approaches to effective programs.

David is both a physical therapy leader and a champion athlete running a practice in one of the most successful fitness centers in the nation. He knows the need to be able to work with both the client and the care team while managing large groups of clients with various challenges.

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